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Cabling, whether it's data, telephone or video, is the backbone of your company's information. It's what delivers your crucial data.   We need to understand the type of network cabling topology, distance, PoP (Point of Presence) and strategic required throughout the facility that will impact the speed and reliability of your network.


If you are remodeling, building new, or adding on we can help plan out the most dependable and cost effective network backbone and distributions. This includes telephone lines, Video signal, Ethernet, BMS (Building Management System), CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera survilance, Access Control and wireless. We design custom fiber optical cabling infrastructures for each one of use and also provide network for future growth of your office and/or company. Our experience with design, planning and implementations avoids work site delays and peace of mind.

Fiber LAN®  will provide the following:

1)  Dedicated Project Manager that will be with you from the very beginning designing your system to the very end when the last plug is connected and tested.

2)  Complete drawing and inspection.

3)  The Project Manager will be available to review all the project for all specialized requests, if needed.

4)  Customized proposal with complete step-by-step project plans.

5)  Network Cabling Certifications on installed wiring including wireless. Ensures complete peace of mind with bandwidth and stress testing of the new network.


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