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Working together with Fiber LAN®  gives you access to an infrastructure of technology and innovation that is comprehensive and advanced, both physically and in terms of the level of skill involved. 


Enterprise businesses that need to upgrade or replace existing local area networks are looking for ways to improve reduce capital and operating expenses. Technology managers are looking for solutions that furnish high bandwidth while increasing the security and reliability of their networks.


To meet these requirements, enterprises are turning to Passive Optical Networks (PON), also known as Passive Optical LANs (POL). Passive Optical LANs provide enormous value to enterprises without forcing them to alter how they do business, while existing services provided by their networks remain the same with no change to core and user devices.


Additionally, enterprises are saving up to 30%–50% of capital costs, 50%–70% of ongoing operational costs, and 90% of the rack space while exceeding network security and reliability goals. Plus, businesses deploying Passive Optical LANs experience long-term savings by future- proofing their network infrastructure while realizing all of the benefits of converging their networked services, including voice, video, wireless access, security, surveillance, building environmental controls and building automation with Power over Ethernet (PoE) where needed.

Become Fiber LAN® partner and you have access to all our experience and our knowledge to design, build and mentain a Passive Optical LAN based on standards.

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