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Architectural Modelling

In developing the architecture for your network, you can use several architectural models as a starting point, as the foundation of your architecture, or to build on what you already have. Different types of architectural models are presented here: topological models, which are based on a geographical or topological arrangement and are often used as starting points in the development of the network architecture; flow-based models, which take particular advantage of traffic flows from the flow specification; and functional models, which focus on one or more functions or features planned for in the network. Your reference architecture will likely contain more than one architectural model.

In a enterprisbusinesses that need to upgrade or replace existing telecommunications networks are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce capital and operating expenses. Technology managers are looking for solutions that furnish high bandwidth while increasing the security and reliability of their networks.

To meet these requirements, enterprises are turning to Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) based Passive Optical LANs. Passive Optical LANs provide enormous value to enterprises without forcing them to alter how they do business, while existing services provided by their LAN remain the same with no change to core and user devices.


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