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Passive Optical LAN Access Node OLT Medium Type FX-4, 8 up to 64 Ports, 4U 19inch, Card Bandwith 480Gbps with 8x PONs 2,55 Gbps Download and 1,2Gbps Upload, up to 64 SFP B+ or C+,  Compatible with Nokia Software User Friendly - PCC. 

Need power supply - 48V

POL Acces Node Nokia OLT Medium, 16/32/64 Ports, Software PCC

  • Access Optical Node 4U, card 8 PON,  bandwith card 480Gbps, GPON line card with software, 8 x SFP GPON SM SFP B+, 2xSFP MM 10GB, Up to 256 ONTs (max 1.024 Gbit ports) 1:32 splitter ratio or 512 ONTs (max 2.048 Gbit ports 1:64 splitter ratio, -48 DC Power Source

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