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Designed to be surface mounted on ceilings or walls and connected with  tubes and cables. The box is mainly used for installation of ONTs (Optical Network Terminal) and other network equipment. Can provide all kinds of current cables together, including optical fiber drop cable or raised cable, indoor telephone cable, ethernet copper cable, TV cable, etc

Fiber Optic Network Multimedia Box for Ceiling/Wall

    • Dual mounted 2RU (4) Rack space for active and passive equipment.
    • 3 ONT Panel support
    • Available with Power Socket
    • Flush mounted lockable keyed lock
    • Fiber optical splice tray and Adapters for up to 86 Ports and can support 1:32 Splitter.
    • Constructed from 16 GA galvanized steel
    • Removable hinged door
    • Two assisted struts
    • 6 point mounting brackets
    • Available with cooling fans and ducted hot air removal system.
    • Available with integrated power configurations both AC and DC.
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