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Commscope Hybrid Fiber Optical Cable Riser/LSZH jacket for indoor/outdoor, Single Mode 2xG657A.1 plus Copper options 2x2mm or 2x1,2mm

Price per reel 1000m (3.280ft)

Minim order quantity: 2 (two) reel of 1000m


Applications suitable for long distance power and data transmitions ONTs, WiFi® Access Point, CCTV and Media Convertors, up to 3km (PoE with 2mm cable type).


Easy peel, stranded conductors for maximum cable flexibility and rapid access.


Polarization indentation along one side of the cable for polarity identification.


No special tools or mounting hardware required - usage of a standard “FTTH” pressure clamp for aerial installation.


Easy split of cable into three separate sections for separate routing in closures, as needed for installation

Hybrid Fiber Cable | Commscope

    • Type of tube: Stranded indoor/outdoor
    • Fibre type: Single mode 9/125 ITU-T G.657.A2
    • Category: OS2
    • Armouring: no
    • Rodent resistant: no
    • Indoor/Outdoor Applications
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