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The Excel Enbeam IP55 Fibre Access Terminal Box has been designed to house up to 24 SC simplex connections within an IP55 rated housing. Suitable for internal and external applications with branch off cable entry, the hinged splice tray offers the ability to house plc splitters and up to 48 fusion splices.


Ambient temperature-40...60 °C
Width237 mm
Height317 mm
Depth101 mm

IP55 Box with Splitter (included)

    • Surface mounted
    • Type of connector: SC/APC
    • With couplers
    • Suitable for number of couplers: 24
    • Splice capacity: 48
    • Suitable for type of fibre: Single mode
    • Ip-rating: IP55
    • Ambient temperature -40...60 °C
    • Dimension 237 mm x 317 mm x 101 mm

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