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The NetSure 2100 series is a high-density DC sub-rack power TM system designed to deliver up to 60A power capacity for network access applications. It is embedded with industry leading rectifiers in conjunction with advanced controller that deliver unprecedented performance as well as high endurance against harsh and demanding environmental conditions. It has integrated distribution outlets that enable direct plug-in for various networking devices.

NetSure 2100 Series 48V DC Power System for Nokia ISAM-FX4/8/16

    • Ultra-compact sub-rack power system– delivers up to 3kW in 1U rack space
    • Wide operating voltage range i.e. 85-300VAC Higher rectifier efficiency up to 95.4%
    • All the breakers and connections are accessible from the front side
    • Integrated distribution outlets
    • Advanced intelligent battery management system
    • Built-in communication & dry contact ports that enable remote monitoring.
    • Stores up to 4000 alarms
    • Low audible noise under normal load and temperature conditions
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