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steel wire (SWA) OS2 9/125μm armoured loose tube optical fibre cables have been designed specifically for direct burial and the most demanding of installations.

These cables are constructed from standard single loose tube cables which are then packed into a flexible but strong fibreglass water blocking strength member. An internal sheath of material is then applied, a rip cord is inserted under this sheath to ease cable stripping. Lengths of steel wire armouring are then applied and an oversheath is added.

The print legend on the cable now includes information regarding the DOP number, Test and Classification of the cable for traceability.

OS2 Singlemode 9/125 Armoured SWA Fibre Optic Cable Loose Tube - Black

    • Type of tube: Loose tube
    • Fibre type: Single mode 9/125
    • Category: OS2
    • Armouring: yes
    • Duct grade ‐ rodent resistant
    • Sequentially metre marked
    • UV Resistant
    • Cut to length service
    • 25 Year system warranty
    • Fire Euroclass Eca

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