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With its ergonomic and light weight design, the Senko cleaver offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a work bench or in the palm of their hand. The reduced lid size and wide opening angle facilitates fiber loading and improves stability resulting in better single cleaves.


Just pressing the sliding block and the fiber cleave high precisions. With 24 positions, the long life-time blade achieves numerous cleaves, up to 3000 times one position, over 70.000 cleaves.  

SENKO Cleaver High Precisions

    • Simple operation

    • Easy fiber loading

    • Durable and reliable design

    • Long blade life

    • Light weight 

    • High capacity waste bin 



    Includes  1.5mm & 2.0mm hex keys
    Optical Fiber Cladding 125μm
    Diameter Fiber Coating Diameter 0.25-0.9mm
    Coated Outer Diameter Single core
    The length of bare fiber required before optical fiber cutting Fiber cutting length ≥18mm (≥0.7”)
    Fiber Cutting Length 5-20mm
    Fiber Cutting Angle ≤0.8°
    Blade Life 48000 uses (3,000 per position) AFT-T-CL-05-BLADE
    Replacement Blade Product number  




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