The SENKO XP Fit Plus is a pre-polished, pre- assembled connector compatible with standard SC and LC connectors. No epoxy is required as an internal mechanical grip effectively holds the fiber in place and can be installed in under two minutes. Without polishing or adhesives, the XP Fit Plus makes on site installations quick and easy, diminishing the need for epoxy curing and hand polishing at the work site. The XP Fit Plus comes with an assembly jig and fiber holder for 250μm and 900μm tight buffered fiber, ensuring accurate alignment and fiber cleave when terminating.


Termination takes under two minutes and is performed without the need for splice machine any electrical power.

Senko Field Fiber Connector (no splice need)

    • Insertion loss Singlemode 0.2dB (PC); 0.3dB (APC)
    • Insertion loss Multimode 0.1dB
    • Return loss Singlemode: 55dB (PC); 60dB(APC)
    • Return loss Multimode:  35dB
    • Durability:Less than 0.1dB change, 500 matings